Monday, July 16, 2012

Fifty Shades of Whaaat?

I need some information, ladyfriends. I first heard about the book Fifty Shades of Grey from the SNL skit on Mother's Day (hilarious) but had no idea what it was about. As time went on, I was amazed at the number of my girlfriends who had not only read the first book, but the entire trilogy in rapid succession.

Now let me be clear. I am not opposed to a little erotic media to rev up a married sex life. You are reading the words of the girl who watched all six seasons of Sex and the City in two weeks and gleaned lots of information to take back to the bedroom. Grant still talks about those two weeks as some of the best of his life. If you are going to only have one sex partner the rest of your life, why not make sure they are totally happy?

So I am all for erotic literature. But when I picked up the book at a little bookshop in Petoskey, Michigan last week while on vacation with the family, I don't feel like I knew what I was getting ready to read. I have become adept at finding the steamy parts of novels (lots of practice while an adolescent in the public library) and very quickly found a good part.

Thirty seconds later, I put the book back with my cheeks flaming. And I have read those words over and over in my head the past few days with the same reaction. So here is my question- to those of you who have actually read this book, not just think you know what it's about. If you haven't read it- you don't know.

How is this book so wildly popular? I have not heard of anyone being bothered by the descriptions of bondage, sadomasochism and submission. I went online to read some reviews of the book, and several opinions centered around a female fantasy of being "taken over" by a strong man.

I am so curious to hear from individuals who have read these books- can you explain to me why everyone loves them so much? If you feel more comfortable, feel free to respond as Anonymous. And I don't want to argue or make anyone feel any certain way, but I am fascinated to hear opinions from people who either liked or did not like these books.


  1. so I have read them all, not great writing but I tend to read most things I can get my hands on...I understand the allure- the sexy dominant man who only can be tamed by you. The descriptions of Christian Grey are fantastic but aside from another romance novel the difference is the bondage and S&M talk which most of the US population isn't privy to. I think it is something women like because the can feel okay reading about something they have been curious about but afraid to look into, we call it mommy porn at work :) If you want a good book read Sanjay Gupta's Monday Mornings

  2. Beats me. I read half of the first one and thought it was absolute garbage. So badly written as to be laughable, and the appeal of the plot absolutely mystified me. I am also cool with erotica/porn but FSOG did nothing for me and I struggle to understand what it is about it that has grabbed the attention of so many people.