Friday, June 8, 2012

More Conversations with a Two Year Old

Me: Pursy, do you want blackberries and yogurt?
P: Yeah! But no blackbewwies.
Me; What? I thought you wanted blackberries?
P: Yes.
Me: You DO want blackberries?
P: Yes.
Me: Okay, let me put them in the bowl with the yogurt and
Me: What? You just said you wanted blackberries! Now you don't want them?
P: No.
Me: No you don't want them or no you do want them? (quickly realize I have lost her with this question) So just yogurt?
P: No! Blackbewwies too!
Me: Okaay, I am missing something here. Do you want yogurt?
P: Yes.
Me: Do you want blackberries?
P: Yes.
Me: Do you want yogurt and blackberries?
P: No.
Me: Aaahhhaaa.

Seconds later, my two year old is happily eating yogurt in a bowl and blackberries on a plate. Who said there is no such thing as world peace?

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  1. Come on Christy, sometimes it's not ok if they touch! :)