Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keepin' It Real-io

In case no one but my friend Kyle Stedman recognizes the number of dialect shout-outs there are in that title- in other words, for the rest of you who have not obtained a PhD in rhetoric- there are three.

I have mentioned several times my favorite blogger, Monica Bielanko. She writes for several blogs as well as her personal one and her husband Serge now contributes several places as well. My girl crush started when I was pregnant with Knox and desperate to read something besides Mommy blogs. I found The Girl Who. And have been wildly in love with every blog post since. And now that I have officially met Monica (ask Rachel Cotter and Andrew Sharp who witnessed the downfall of my pride and the giddy aftermath), I feel comfortable saying that she and I are best friend separated by geography, frequent correspondence and an actual friendship.

One of my favorite features of my best friend is her raw honesty. Frequently littered with profanity, her writing is sent out into the world only by someone who has nothing to lose. She loves her man, loves her kids and loves her dog. She even loves the small town in Pennsylvania that we moved from 6 months ago because we were yearning for the big city. I will never forget when I was reading a post about her moving to central PA and realized that I recognized landmarks she was referencing. I followed her trail to a little Local Food restaurant called Elk Creek Cafe and met her over the sounds of Serge performing with his band, Marah. She pulled me onto the dance floor, and the aforementioned downfall of my pride quickly followed. Did I mention I was 9 months pregnant?

Anyway, Serge writes frequently about being/becoming a Dad/Husband/Rock Star and this post was darkly close to home. Yet another example of why I love Monica and by association, Serge. They have been married the same amount of time as us, have two babes same gender order and age as ours, and are not afraid to put their struggles on the front page for people like Grant and I who keep our darkest secrets to ourselves. And they help us. I am thankful for our best friends, who probably have no idea that we talk about them so often. Or even that we exist.


  1. Hello friend. Still here. Still reading.

  2. Ha- would be slightly chagrined, but am too pleased to be embarrassed. :) Hello back, friend.