Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Knows What the Inspiration Is...

 I read the popular blog Momastery (vaulted into popularity by the blog post Don't Carpe Diem) and she has dubbed this week Miracle Week and is focusing on the unbelievable. The cancer survivors, the eating disorder dying teenagers that recover and their newly healthy bodies carry babies, the almost bankrupt and then random check arrives in the mail- experiencers of miracles. I really love her blog because her filter was wrecked by alcohol and addictions in her teens and twenties-and all that is left is pure honesty and gratefulness. I dig her.

Sometimes people are just moved to perform random acts of kindness, gentleness, support and love. I doubt they know at the time that they are being used to perform a miracle, but to those of us who receive the randomness, they are miracle workers indeed. Today I received in the mail a card from a woman whom I did not know existed 5 months ago. She has become a very important person in my life, not only for her wisdom and experience as she teaches a room full of women more about the Bible but also for her personal investment in me. This is not the first card I have received from Barbara, but this one addressed a struggle I had recently made her aware of. I blurted it out in passing because she has that affect on me- when she asks how I am doing, I tend to be inappropriately and un-time sensitively honest.

This card contained a meditation for Parents of Young Children and talked about compassion. The author simply made the point that sometimes when our children are "melting down" or being serially naughty, maybe the issue isn't that they are living up to their potential as toddlers. Maybe they are just tired and don't have enough life experience built up to know that means they need a nap. Maybe they are overstimulated and don't know they need to ask the radio in the car be turned down or request that overzealous Mama not read them one more book that requires them to identify 27 things that begin with the letter "S".  There is a place for correction and instruction but maybe more then we realize, they just need a little compassion. A soft place to land. A snuggle or a quiet bed.

I needed this meditation today. And because odds are good that I will need it again tomorrow, I taped it on our refrigerator door. One of my greatest blessings as a mother is that I know my child better then anyone-  a gift that some days feels like a burden when it is up to me to figure out how to handle seasons of parenting. Fortunately for me, Grant knows me and knows our desires for our family- even on the days when I want to renig on decisions we made because I am tired or frustrated. And I will be adding Compassion to my list of things I pray for every night- along with Wisdom and Patience. Because what two year old couldn't benefit from some strong arms gathering them up and whispering "everything will be all right". Sounds pretty good to me too.

Possibly he is teething???...

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