Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend at Chez Martsolf

This weekend was my last working Friday nights. For the past 5 months I have spent 7p-7a at Presbyterian Hospital because it was the only shift that worked for us. I tried to nap on Friday afternoons while the babes napped- which was a sketchy arrangement ending up most often with me giving up and taking one or both crying babes downstairs to watch a movie on the couch while I resigned myself to a 24 hour state of artificial caffeine-induced awakeness. Saturday morning when I got home, I would nurse Knox and play with Pursy for a few minutes before going to bed while my three loves went out for breakfast, played at the park and did fantastic weekend-y things. I forced myself awake after 4 hours of sleep because I didn't want to miss any more.

But no more! I found a fabulous babysitter who is coming on Tuesday mornings from 8-noon while I sleep and I am now working Monday nights. I feel like my great situation just got better... I cannot say enough good things about the profession of nursing for a girl with a family. I have the option of working when I want, however long I want and still be home full time with my babes.

But here was this last weekend- we took the babes to the Pittsburgh International Children's Festival, sat on our new Aussie friends Henry and Lydia's porch and drank Heineken out of the can, grilled steaks and veggies from the farmer's market on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and introduced Pursy to the happiness that is Rita's Italian Ice. It was lovely.

Babes waking up from naps

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Bubble Station

Good to stay hydrated

Waiting her turn to bang on some cool stuff

I need to make one of these.. she didn't want to leave

Hanging out in the stroller while Pursy played

First carousel ride on a seahorse...

What smart Mama chose cherry???... fortunately it came out of the dress

The boys grillin' on the back porch

Look Mama- my hands are clean!!

Watching Lion King in style...

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