Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite Things Ed VIII

My favorite things for this week:

1. Pursy "reading" to Knox during family time... I wish I could find a way to put inflection on typed words but the way she says "I show Knox the wordsIknow" is so precious my heart breaks every evening at bedtime. She takes her 100 First Words book and dutifully goes over every one asking "What's dis Knox?" then giggling hysterically when he doesn't know and she has to answer. I am so glad I had babes this close in age.. as hard as some days are, I think they are going to be really good friends.

2. Anticipating our new porch furniture. We found a farmer in Mount Pleasant who makes Adirondack chairs and picnic tables from local wood during the winter months, and we are outfitting our back porch. With our new affinity for cocktails, I am anticipating many an evening outside with my sweetie and a misty highball glass garnished with mint. In red lipstick and high heels, of course.

3. My new gym. I have been experimenting with the easiest time to go- they have a fantastic play area for babes as young as 6 weeks, well staffed and full of creative toys. With Knox going through crazy separation anxiety I haven't been able to get through an entire workout without being called back to the nursery to pick up a teary, angsty babe who instantly smiles the minute he buries his head in my shoulder. So I am going at 530AM while everyone is still sleeping. It is difficult to pull myself away from the warm snuggly love pile that is our bed in the early mornings, but the endorphin high lasts all day and I find myself loving the quiet chilliness of the car and an hour to myself to pound out some good cardio.

4. The way Pursy says EVERYTHING. Some of my favorites: "I so sad!" (burying her face in her hands and dramatically heaving her shoulders) "You come sit watch Pooh wit me", "No can work! You cut it wif knife" (trouble with juicewater and sippy cup holes being too small), "I get twooooo gummies!" (post-potty treat), "I need a bandy on it!" (obsession with band-aids). Her inflection is fantastic.

5. Our new friends Chris and Caryn. Our babes LOVE them and Pursy has developed quite a crush on "Miss Chris". We have found ourselves saying things like, "no, Pursy, we don't need to show Chris your poop in the potty." Knox will probably walk early thanks to intervention from Christ as well..

6. Thrift store finds. This weeks treasure is a big red hobo bag that can fit everything I need plus two diapers without looking like a Mom purse. Happiness for $6...

7. Pursy's new love of cooking with me. She pulls up her ladder and usually crawls up on the counter until I banish her back to her perch. This time we made cupcakes for our friend Tanya's birthday and Pursy decorated them herself. I call her the Little Naked Chef.

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  1. She's going to give Jamie Oliver a run for his money for sure!