Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Here!

Pursy has recently started entering every room with the proclamation "Pursy's here!!". Her 2 year old 26 pound confidence cannot even fathom that I would not be overjoyed to see her- every time. And on the rare occasion that I am on the phone or doing something with Knox that prevents me from reacting with matched enthusiasm, she does not pout or passive aggressively throw out "not that you care.." at the end of her announcement. She tries again. She runs out of the room, turns right back around and runs back in.

 "Pursy's here!"

I miss that confidence. That unwavering trust that the people who love you are counting the moments until they get to see you again. I recently read an article in Atlantic Monthly about how Facebook is making us more lonely. The illusion of coffee dates and going out for drinks.. all that chit chat that is so great over a beer or latte- written on a wall. Not that it's all bad- we all could probably just use a little more balance. A little more FACE time.

Last night Grant had to ask me to put down my smartphone when we got into bed together. Really?? How did I go from the bride who greeted him at the bus stop in lingerie and a trench coat to the chick reading blog posts in bed about the latest JCPenney advertisement featuring a lesbian couple?

So our new resolution is no more social networking sites when we are a family together in the evenings. And if you come to our house, please help us with our resolve to be more human by announcing yourself with a big fat "I'm here!!"

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