Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Grant asked me several times before today what I wanted for Mother's Day. I think he wanted to make sure I didn't have some expectations that he and the babes wouldn't know about or wouldn't be able to fulfill and I wouldn't feel loved. Here was my idea of a perfect day: some early morning lovin (very different from G.Love's "lovin' early in the morning").. my morning loving involves two babes in diapers rolling over Grant and I while we desperately try to sleep for 5 more minutes. It is giggly and drooly and usually ends with a book being shoved in our faces and requests for "juicewater!" or "I have to poop potty". Romance. And looks something like this:

I also wanted a cup of coffee. I can get breakfast myself, I just wanted coffee before church. Done.

A few days ago one of my favorite bloggers sent out a request for pictures of Mamas and Babes, so on a whim I sent one of Knox and I for the blog feature. Here it is! Monica writes for several blogs and is one of those rare girls who writes what she thinks and deals with the fall out. I dig her.

I also wanted Grant to grill for lunch. He makes salmon that rocks my world and even though it was rainy and cold, Grant was out making my Mother's Day lunch. As we sat down to eat he put Dar Williams on Spotify, which may have been the biggest act of love of the day. Then it was books with Pursy on the couch while Grant did the dishes.

 We read Paste Magazine's ABC book and Pursy pointed at this picture of Elliot Smith and said "this look like Mama!"..

I felt a little chagrined until we got to the "G" page and she pointed to his picture of Gillian Welch and said "this look like Dada!". Hahaha..

Naptime and Pursy knew it was a different day... she resisted until she finally couldn't...fight...any..more

Now it's baseball time. I am snuggled into the couch with a glass of wine and my new Pirates hat on (mother's day gift). Grant is going to do the dishes and I am going to sigh out a prayer of thanks for my two deliciously addictive babes and the wild beauty that is motherhood.

I love you Purslane Claire and Knox Thomas Steele. Thank you for making me a Mama.

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