Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To my Beautiful Baby Girl

Purslane Claire-
 Today is your last day as a one year old. Tomorrow you will turn 2, although your verbal skills and confident independence turned 2 long ago.. you are growing so fast. Today I took you to the park and while Knox played in his stroller with Sophie the giraffe, you and I went down the slides and swung on the swings together. I couldn't help but think that in this next year, you will probably outgrow your need to "hold your hand" while we go down the side by side slides. You probably won't need me to push you on the swings, and you most likely will stop checking over your shoulder to see if I am right behind you on the ladder. But today you needed me to stick close, so we did everything together.

If I let myself think about all the things you do and say right now that will fade as you continue to grow, this letter will be sopping wet by the time I finish. Fortunately I know you will continue to come up with new things to charm your Dad and I and make us run for the camera or just look at you and burst out laughing. You are such a cool kid and I am so lucky to be your Mama.

Some of your favorite things right now: you sleep every nap and night time with "Pooh/blanket". Pooh is the stuffed animal and blanket is a pink and brown fleece with your initials embroidered on the corner.They are a package deal and I shudder to think what would happen if they got separated. You love Yo Gabba Gabba, Tangled and Aristocats. Your favorite bedtime books are "Pancakes" (Eric Carle mini library book that you have mostly memorized), "Big Sister" (a book about introducing a new baby to the house) and "Dogs" (Dr Seuss' classic Go Dog Go. You still love bath time, brushing your "teek" and I can get you to do just about anything by telling you to "run fast!".

Food: First thing in the morning, if you aren't already in bed with us (sleeping alone all night in your room is a rarity) you get right in my face and your first words of the day are "want juice/water!". You LOVE green juice from Trader Joes, but definitely believe it comes prepared 50/50 with water. For breakfast you usually take down 2 blueberry waffles with butter, a banana and a cup of vanilla yogurt. Three or four bites in, you turn your plate upside down and dump everything on your tray- then calmly hand me the plate. Not sure how this ritual started, but the other night when you did it with a bowl of soup I wasn't too crazy about this habit. You are a great eater though, so I pick my battles and clean the tray. Lunch is either pastas and cheese with frozen peas right out of the bag (not sure about that preference either) or a "butter jelly sandwich". Dinner is whatever we are having, and like I said- you are a great eater. You try everything once and since we have established with you that if you don't like something new you have tried you may spit it out, there isn't anything I can think of that you have flat out refused. This makes me very proud of you.

Words: You are speaking in full sentences and I am amazed at your grasp of tense and possessives. Some of your classics: "No Pursy can do it", "Walk a big girl!", "Hims name is Knox", "Want juice water right now little bit", "One more chance" and "Come on, Mommy, come on!".  The other day I watched you set Pooh down on the steps and kneel in front of him- then you very firmly said "Looka me, Pooh. Looka me.". I guess you are listening to me when I am correcting you. :)

You have your two year old well child visit next week, so I don't know your exact measurements yet. My guess is that you will still be somewhere around the 25th percentile for weight- you are such a peanut. Your feet are a solid 6 and you are wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes. Although I can still squeeze you into my favorite 12-18 month dress- the brown knit one that you wear with pink and brown striped tights and your cowboy boots.

You have exceeded my wildest dreams for how incredibly cool I hoped you would be. You are happy and curious and funny and smart. And tomorrow you will be 2 years old. From the day you decided it was time to be born, you do things your way and do them in a hurry. I cry behind closed doors when I think about how quickly you will become a big girl, but I cannot wait to see more of the beautiful person you will become. I love watching you rock your brother's car seat when he cries and I am so proud when you pull a dandelion out of the yard and ask to take it to your neighbor friend Maddie. You are already thoughtful and kind, and I could not be more proud of you. Please hold my hand as long as you want- I love you with all my heart, my daughter.

Your Mama.


  1. Happy Birthday to your two year old! The twos are turning out to be pretty amazing over here! :) I especially love the talking part! :)

  2. You describe her so beautifully. She really is a wonderful girl. Every year will only bring out more of who she is and thats pretty awesome!