Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Amazing What Sleep Can Do

We are going on a week in our new "sleep pattern" and I cannot believe the difference in our family. Grant and I no longer dread bedtime, Purslane is back to sleeping almost through the night in her big girl bed and Knox is sleeping solid from 8 to around 6AM with one waking to nurse. I wake up happy to see my sweet family, as opposed to waking up after 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep mad at Grant for being a jerk in the middle of the night, mad at Purslane for screaming and waking up Knox and mad at Knox for not sleeping longer then an hour at a time. I was a grumpy, resentful Mama who constantly begged the universe to just let me SLEEP.

But this poor blog has been sadly neglected. Who wants to spend even two minutes of their day reading the sad incoherent thoughts of a sleep starved woman- even if I did have the time to sit down and churn something out that didn't make you want to go out and kick a puppy?

So here is a photo journal of life the last month. I should be the spokesperson for Physicians Formula Organic Lotion Concealer makeup. I actually don't look like a zombie in some of these pictures.

Go get a mug of coffee and settle in.. it has been quite a month.

Both babes got sick..

Easter Baskets
Same size diapers... we call them the Slim One and the Chubby One

Please focus on excited girl with the Easter egg and not Mama trying to grow out bangs...

Family picture with photo bomb by Grandpa Steele (Knox's namesake)

Notice empty bag of gummies on counter...
It's Time for Funny Faces!

I'm talking to the man in the mirror...
Playing together already...

My sweet Children
"Purslane,please give Knox some space!"

Okay, please don't judge my mothering because I took this picture while he is still crying.. I was so impressed with how far he rolled!

Our lovies- Liz and Jonathan Block on a very short weekend together in New Orleans

Love Pile
I am two.

I am 6 months

A weird picture, I know, but if anyone wonders why Knox is as gimungous as he is..check out the ratio of cream to milk.
My birthday girl

First grandchild gets undivided attention from Gramma and Grandpa!
Morning Lovies

First bites- avocado and bananas

David DeCastro who??

Anyone seen the owner of these shoes? I'm a-lookin' for him...

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  1. not sure why i'm making a terrible face...but new orleans was a delightful treat. thanks making it even sweeter. look forward to seeing you and your wonderful babes again.