Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Is A Mama

With one babe who needs monitoring at all times or she will set the house on fire and one babe who is happy happy until I put him down and then screams like I have laid him on a bed of nails and scorpions- I don't get to read/watch much of the daily news. I used to love CNN in the morning with a cup of coffee (or two) but I do  not even know what channel it's on anymore.

My whiff of the news now comes from Yahoo news, which happens to be the home page our computer is set on. What this usually means is I get a celebrity update, a YouTube sensation update (usually something about cats) and possibly the shocking news that Rick Santorum had a gay lover for 10 years prior to announcing his presidential run. I didn't even know about the tornadoes that wrecked havoc in the Midwest until yesterday. 

And today, I read this:

This woman wrapped her two children up in a blanket and covered them with her own body while the tornado destroyed their house. All three lived, but she lost one leg above the knee and one leg below the knee when debris crushed her lower half. This woman will never walk on her own feet again- but her children are alive and unharmed. That is a Mama. I can only image she had about 2 minutes to devise a plan to save her children with no idea whether or not the power of the tornado would make her efforts useless. I say I love my babes a hundred times a day- this woman will never have to say it again. Her children will look at her every day and know without a doubt she loves them more than anything.

If that story was a little too much for you to handle, there is this breaking news story which Yahoo news featured right after the story above:

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