Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Favorite Things Ed. VI

Late again... Tuesday morning is close enough to Monday morning, yes?

This week I am going sans pictures and doing a legit list. My favorite things this week:

1. My husband. I woke up Saturday morning to my best friend's children climbing on my bed shouting "surprise Aunt Christy!" and her sweet self standing at the bedside. Grant had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and in a moment of loneliness and self-pity I said "friends". So he brought Alex, Becki and the boys down from State College for the weekend. He is full-on awesome.

2. Salted Caramel Mocha iced coffee from Coffee Street Roasters. I just discovered this exists and every other coffee drink now tastes apathetic and meek.

3. Purslane waking up from a nap and stumbling down the stairs yelling "Mama Snuggle!!". I love being bossed around..

4. Thursday morning Bible Study. These women are gold and starting to connect me with my neighborhood community. I had a 20 minute conversation with Mim last week that grounded me in reality and Jesus. Also got the feeling if she saw me doing or saying something she didn't approve of she would smack me upside the head. I kind of like that..

5. Knox wearing the same slippers Pursy wore at this age.. I remember not being able to keep them on her slim little feet and at the end of the day there are lines in his fat ankles from where the elastic hugged him.

6. Getting into things with Grant. He and I have been struggling recently to find things to get into together- my days at home and his at work are completely different and when he comes home, our focus is on the babes. We recently started deconstructing cocktails and trying new ones. Sunday night during the season premiere of Mad Men we made an Old Fashioned and sipped slowly, feeling very fantastic indeed.

7. Preston Caleb Parks. This sweet guy came 3 weeks early just so I could meet him during a 2 day visit to State College. I am already his favorite Auntie...

Alright, one little picture...

Little Man rolled over!!

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