Friday, March 16, 2012

Be the Leaf

I have been feeling pretty blue lately. Feeling sorry for myself and whatnot. Whiny diatribes to Grant at night lying in bed about how no one in the universe has fewer friends then me, no woman has ever lost post baby weight slower then me, no one's babes sleep less then mine, no one's Subaru makes more noise when the power steering fluid is low then mine, no one's french press has ever broken at a worse time then mine.. we call these episodes "White Whine"- basically to remind me that the universe is not targeting me and maybe a little perspective would shut me up. Grant usually listens as long as it takes to discern that there are no serious issues going on and if that is the case says something along the lines of "that TOTALLY reminds me of this story I read in the Economist today about an orphanage in Haiti that is having a really difficult time finding access to clean water after the earthquakes... sorry, what were you saying about the spacebar on the computer sticking sometimes?"....dun, dun, duuunn...White Whine.

Tonight one of dearest friends is coming into town for the weekend. She and I met on the volleyball court at the New Kid Mixer night at Colorado Christian University. In 1999. She is going through some legitimately tough times and is coming to be loved on and spend some time in my world. This is not the time to talk about my sleepless nights or leftover baby belly. It is time for me to woman up and support her. I saw this on my kitchen table today and found it appropriate.

I will be the Leaf. Strong and supportive.

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