Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okaaay, come on...

Knox is our lover of sleep. Pursy has hated the idea, practice and enforcement of sleep since she emerged from the womb. We joke that she is so terrified of missing something cool that she sleeps with one eye open. But Knox LOVES sleep. He can sleep anywhere, anytime and seems to be lulled to sleep faster when there is chaos and anarchy throughout our home . That's why this morning,at 5:45 when he woke up, nursed and smiled at me- I was charmed but mostly still sleepy and optimistic he would go right back to sleep. He on the other hand, was AWAKE. So after a few futile attempts, we came downstairs and had some Mama/Knox time. Put Adele on Rhapsody (I needed to see what all the Grammy buzz was about), made some coffee and practiced having our picture taken.

You are welcome.

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