Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Favorite Things Part II

Am thinking about making this a regular thing... it is always good to dwell on the little parts that get in line to create your life parade. I considered making it a Top Five list, but that felt too cliche. ("alright, alright.. she loves John Cusack..we get it already") So instead, whatever comes to mind gets on the list. Here are my favorite things today.

The fact that both Grant and I are okay forgetting Valentines Day. It started as a deliberate snub and now we both truly don't remember February 14th is a holiday. My friend Becki sent me a picture of the heart shaped waffles she made for her boys yesterday and I sent her back a picture of a pile of empty beer bottles. She loves me anyway. Particularly on Valentines Day.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Chewy Coated Granola Bars. Tastes like dessert for breakfast.

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on Travel Channel. He is such a pretentious douche to Americans (anyone catch his opinions about Paula Dean's diagnosis of DMII??) but so kind and respectful to the people in the countries he visits. A true culinary ethnographer.

Hearing Pursy say "Mama, hold you!" from her bedroom when she is awake from her nap.

Public transportation. Pittsburgh has a fantastic bus line and the stop two blocks from my house is where the 71B will take me down 5th Ave and deposit me in front of Presbyterian Hospital. No parking, no traffic, 15 minutes to read Bon Appetit and learn why southern soul food is making a comeback for foodies.

Giving Knox a sink bath and literally moving rolls of chub around to wash his arms and legs. He is so beautifully fat.

Dried bananas and strawberries. Pursy calls them "chips" and will eat them instead of just about anything else. They have made car trips so much easier... ever tried to feed a toddler applesauce or make sure she is chewing the grapes stuffed in her mouth while in the passenger seat of a car going 70 MPH?

The fact that Grant and I have the same idea of what makes a good dinner out. We like the same kinds of food, same style of restaurant and with the exception of how we like our meat cooked (I like it cooked, Grant does not) we can usually eat off each others plate. Where we have eaten the last month: People's Restaurant (yummy Indian food), Smiling Banana Leaf (yummy Thai food), TANA (yummy Ethiopian food), Smokin' Betty's (yummy Americana), Monks (yummy Belgian food) and Jake's (yummy sandwiches). Basically, he is up for anything and I really dig that about him.

The $5 jeans I found at the thrift store. Two pregnancies in 2 years left my body a little beat up and these jeans give my butt a fighting chance.

My brothers and sisters. Familial relationships may not always be perfect but sibling bonds somehow prevail. I am learning things about them as adults that I really love- like how my brother cares for his new wife, how my sister is training for an intense road race and my other brother has embraced another culture. I also discovered my new sister in law is open and direct about herself- a trait worthy of all kinds of love and respect.The four of them are very cool human beings and I am lucky to be their sister.

That's what is making me happy today. Already thinking about more good stuff for the next list...