Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fancy Hot Dog Night

I mentioned in a previous post that we started a weekly tradition in our home called Hot Dog Night. I wish I could say it was original, but I got the idea from another blog I read and it just happened to coincide with my love for all things ironic and delicious.

Week one- Indian theme hot dog with tiki masala chili, potato samosas and cucumber salad. Week two- Belgian theme with beer cheese sauce, pom frites and garlic aioli. Week three- Southern theme with chili and coleslaw toppings, thick cut french fries and Coke. Week four- Breakfast theme with Eggs Benedict hot dogs, hash browns, fruit salad and donuts for dessert. This was Grant's birthday dinner, so we went a little over the top.

The best part about Hot Dog Night is how conducive it is to inviting people over. Who turns down an invitation to be fed hot dogs? No one as of yet... which makes me happy with the friends we have collected thus far. Last night we shared our table with two mechanical engineers, one dietician, three nurses, one event planner for Carnegie Mellon, one nanny, one grad student and one PhD (abd).

My favorite part of this dinner party was the way it came together. When we lived in New Orleans, one of our favorite things about the community we had and the city itself was that we could start making phone calls around 3pm and by 7 our house was full of people, food and beer. People just loved to gather for any occasion whatsoever. We have missed that sort of jovial spontaneity and last night we felt it again. And Eggs Benedict hot dogs????... sublime.

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