Friday, February 17, 2012

Faith Restored in Humankind

Just when I start to think that everyone in the world is a murky selfish louse, I meet a beautiful human who restores my belief that if you look up from your own little universe for ONE SECOND and help a Mama out, you can become someone's hero. It also reminds me to look up from my own little universe and offer a hand next time the opportunity stumbles (literally) into my path.

Today I had a list of errands to accomplish before Knox-man and I jump in the car and drive to State College for a baby shower for my sweet Amanda. I needed to hit up Target for diapers and wipes, Trader Joe's for green juice and dark chocolate and the dry cleaners to drop off Grant's suit and get my scrub pants hemmed. For those smarties out there, that is 6 transfers in and out of the car with two babes, 3 opportunities for Pursy to run into a parking lot and a gazillion muttered prayers to God to allow evolution to macro evolve me another set of hands.

Target- success. We raided the clearance rack and found Pursy some cute 24 month clothes, diapers and wipes and I remembered we were out of toothpaste BEFORE I was in the checkout line. Trader Joe's- success means I only purchased the items I intended to buy and did not set Grant up to have a mini stroke when he checks our bank statement. At this point, both children are tired of being lugged around, tired of being good and probably have created something organic and gross in their diapers.

Dry cleaners. Pursy had taken off her shoes and socks as per usual and I decided to carry her instead of taking 30 seconds to replace the footware. Pursy in one arm, Knox in infant carrier in the other, suit tucked under one armpit and scrub pants... not sure how those got in. I literally fall in the door and the lovely angel behind the counter came rushing over. She took the infant carrier out of my arms, hung the suit on the hook and took Pursy behind the counter to play on the computer. In 5 seconds my world calmed down. We got my pants tried on and marked for hemming, changed Knox's diapers and Pursy's crabbing was silenced. Her name was Martha and her random acts of kindness changed that errand from a royal pain in the ass to a nice chat and encouragement from another Mama who had been where I was. Faith restored.

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