Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Traditions Die Hard...

My new favorite things to do on a regular basis:

1. Dinner parties. This is not a new favorite thing for me, but with a fantastic open dining area where I can be making dinner while chatting with guests sitting on bar stools at the island, it has changed the dinner party from a fragmented "prep/chat/eat" time to a boisterous, welcoming event from the moment guests walk through the door. Then there is the 5 burner gas stove... is saying it gets me all hot and bothered too punny?

2. Afternoon coffee. My friend Kierstin talked about this one day and I have to admit, I knocked it. And then I tried it. It is luxurious and a little indulgent. I put Pursy down for a nap, cozy up with little man who is always up for nursing (a boob guy, just like his old man) and a mug of coffee. Five minutes later, sleeping baby and relaxed Mama. Even if I was up most of the night with angsty 20 month old who doesn't like to sleep, there are still boxes not yet unpacked and my high efficiency washer is making noises that sound like the Millenium Falcon going into hyperdrive, if I can get to that hour of peace I will be alright. (nerdy Star Wars reference to be appreciated by my brothers)

3. Trader Joe's. TJ's. Foodie Mecca. Home of the inexpensive block of Chevre that we can take down in one sitting. I accept that driving up to this place in my Subaru with my reusable grocery bags and Baby Bjorn makes me a commercial for the yuppie Mom. I, like my friend Shelley who carries out the same ritual at Whole Foods 2 blocks away, like real natural food.

4. Baths. We have one in our master bathroom. Bubbles,candles and Barry Manilow...

5. Hot Dog Mondays. Our new tradition is a weekly hot dog night. Yesterday we had an Indian theme with Tiki Masala chili (made with turkey- we are trying to be authentic with our meat tube accompaniments), potato samosas and cucumber yogurt salad. Next week is Belgian- beer cheese sauce, pom frites and garlic aioli. I believe my vegetarian days are officially behind me.

6. ABC's with Purslane.That girl is wicked smart and can recognize the entire alphabet, now just working on them in order. We sing them in the morning, in the car, in the grocery store- usually at the top of our lungs and with a funny accent. I love being a Mama.

Two-handed Banana/Swiffer disaster in action.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I'm actually a bit jealous you are in the 'burgh. I'd probably be living there if I hadn't settled in State College. It's a hip little city. And it grows on you.

    Really excited to see you this weekend!