Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sister from Another Mister

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day with both babes. Purslane still isn't sleeping at night- in her bed, our bed, the floor or otherwise- and Knox is refusing to take a bottle, which is stressful for me getting ready to go back to work in 2 weeks. So because both of them were grumpy, demanding and exhausting, Grant and I decided yesterday would be all about them- honestly I think because both of us needed to remember why we had children in the first place. We lazied around the house in the early morning then took the babes to breakfast at Pamela's- blueberry pancakes, strawberries, milk- Pursy's favorite foodstuffs. Knox sat in his car seat and charmed everyone with smiles and his big blue eyes. We were a picturesque family once again.

We went from breakfast to the Children's Museum where Pursy ran her fool self ragged playing in the water games, corkscrew slides, laser pens, gravity room... we basically just followed her around for 2 hours while she PLAYED. It was heavenly. Knox sat very happily in the Baby Bjorn and napped intermittently. We took crazy pictures in the photo booth, Grant slid down every slide that she didn't want to go down alone, and we laughed and laughed. On the drive home, both babes fell asleep and Grant and I held hands in the front seat talking about how we couldn't image our life without these two sweet kids.

An hour later, a very sleepy Purslane who woke up while Grant was carrying her in from the car is wrapped around my leg like a spider monkey while I try to keep her away from the couch where Grant is feeding a very pissed off Knox who is protesting being fed with such a midevil torture device like a bottle. Peaceful household has dissolved into chaos and anarchy once again. I grab Pursy and put her in the car for some Mama/daughter time so Grant can feed Knox. We go to the first place we come to where I can legally strap Pursy into something- Trader Joe's. And I put aside my dignity and become the host of our private PBS Kids show called "Pursy goes to Trader Joe's". I put bananas on my head, cheese down my shirt, hide behind a stack of Marinara sauce, and sing the ABC's in an Australian/Jamaican hybrid accent. Pursy rewards my antics by throwing a shit fit of epic proportion.

I don't know what the Trader Joe's is like in your neighborhood, but mine is hipster central- single 20-30 year olds who are there buying ingredients to make sprouted wheat pasta dishes and chevre/plum spring rolls. Not to listen to an almost 2 year old lose her mind. In other words- everyone is staring at me. Or at least that's what it feels like. As I am standing in line at the register cursing the girl in front of me for buying so much damn cheese, I hear it- another tantrum in progress. I look behind me and a couple is doing their best to keep their little guy in the cart while he is screaming and throwing elbows. At that moment, the Mom and I lock eyes over the cacophony of our children's voices and smile at each other. We get it- and I may never see her again but in that moment she was my best friend and gave me all the confidence and support I needed to turn back to Pursy and start over. To look at her sweet face streaked with tears and feel sympathy for a tired little babe who just wants to go to bed. I hugged her and let her know I wasn't upset with her- I became her safe place instead of a tense Mama who just wanted her to be quiet.

So take every opportunity to support your sisters out there- you never know when your smile can get them through a tough day. Because every Mama has tough days- and with a toddler you can't hide them- they make sure of that.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST!! I am reminded of the times Scott and I would practice "Hyper-parenting" when Sully was a fussy babe. It worked so well and was utterly exhausting. I'm also reminded of Sullivan's first tantrum when Ea was a newborn. We were trying to leave the library and he lost it - I mean lost it. And there I am with Ea in the Bjorn, and no control over Sully. I was like, "Okay, I know all of you woman staring at me have been here - HELP ME!" and all I hear is some woman (probably a "library mom" haha) say to her friend, "That's why I don't use those carriers." Wow, I CAN HEAR YOU! Finally the older librarian came by and offered to hold Ea while I got Sullivan under control. There I sat, nursing a 2 year old on the library floor while my baby cried in a stranger's arms. But I was forever grateful to that kind woman and I will always offer a hand to a mom with a tantruming child.