Thursday, December 27, 2012

The One Where We Played in the Snow...

Sweet Purslane Claire-
 I trust you know without a doubt that I love you. There is nothing you could ever do that would make me stop loving you as completely as I do right now. I admire your thirst for adventure and respect your desire to change things up every few minutes or so. I have given up trying to convince you that sitting still and just taking it all in is anywhere close to being as fun as running around like a crazy person yelling "Watch out- I tickle you until you pee your pants!!". I don't know how much sleep I would need or how much high protein/high carb food energy I would have to consume in order to keep up with you, but you and I are both aware that most days I tucker out way before you do. And as Olivia's mother says at the end of every book, "You know, you really wear me out. But I love you anyway".

Your constant motion and unending stream of questions and observations make you one of my favorite people to be around. You notice EVERYTHING. And you don't stop there... you must immediately use all your five senses to absorb all the information you can. It gets you in trouble sometimes when the world can't keep up, but know that one of my goals every single day is to make sure you have things to discover.

I am sorry when I don't see your precocious energy as a good thing. The times I yell, lose my patience or simply hold you back because I am too tired. I ask you to understand things beyond your 2.5 years because I have another babe that needs time and attention, and you just need to wait. It is hard, I know. And even though I don't like watching you lay down on the floor in protest, I understand. And some days, I wish I could join you.

But TODAY both of us hit on all cylinders. You laid in bed with Daddy and I until 7a, cuddling and chatting about whatever. That extra rest gave me energy and we played all morning: you, me and Knox. We made fish, watermelon and mustard soup in your new play kitchen, pushed Knox around on his Radio Flyer car and I even got a second cup of coffee while you chatted with Gramma on Skype. When we put Knox down for a nap, you and I pulled on our hats and coats and went outside to play in the 7 inches of snow that fell yesterday. Our backyard was pristine- except for the stray dog footprints that went straight to the garbage on the back porch.

You made a snow angel, we threw some pathetic snow balls at each other and you slid down your slide. You also ate a TON of snow and your cheeks got cherry apple red. It was glorious. When you were done, we came inside and ate clementines.

I love you, sweet girl. You are one cool kid.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's Christmastime! 2012

Pursy started asking if it was "Christmastime" from the day we put the gifts from Uncle Daniel on the windowsill. Uncle Daniel lives in Japan and had to mail his presents, and they did not go under the tree because the extra amount of time it took Pursy to cross the living room, crawl around the tree, up on the windowsill and grab a present was just enough time for me to look up from whatever I was doing and holler "don't open that- it's not Christmastime yet!".

So finally, to Pursy's relief, it was Christmastime. Here is our family pictography from December 21-26th. From beginning to end of Christmastime, life was pretty beautiful this year. Make yourself a drink, for your sake preferably something with alcohol. I am that wonderful combination of girl with a nice camera who thinks her husband is handsome and babes are really cute. In other words, there's a lot of pictures...

Daddy has the day off work. Pumpkin bread, pajamas and Rudolph on TV.

That's right, big man, just keep that pumpkin bread comin'.

It's not going in the yard, Russ, it's going in our living room.
We were a little desperate for a white Christmas, but the light dusting was nice...

When children pick out their own snow appropriate clothing.

Knox's new friend the dustbuster.

Pursy and her Ba.

Keep those cheerios comin'...

Pursy enjoying a loungy breakfast...

"Daddy, can I get down from my chair?"

"I said more cheerios!!"

New Christmas Eve tradition at Phipps Conservatory
Pursy insisted on bringing her new purse from Gramma

 Three Christmases ago we took this same picture- 5 1/2 months pregnant with the babe in my arms.

Knox meets Santa.

Pursy was appropriately wary of climbing on a strange man's lap.

But she did tell him that she wanted a candy cane for Christmas and Knox wanted a train.

Christmas Eve and babes are grumpy and nose picking. Time for bed.

Unfortunately for "Santa", that glass is full of apple juice. Pursy also did not want to share TOO many of her cookies with Santa. Thus, her gift was a small, burnt molasses cookie. Good thing presents aren't determined by the snack offering...

Classic Dad of a 2 year old child at 10p on Christmas Eve
First present of Christmas!!


"Look what I got- goldfish!!"

The boys struggling through present overload.

Pursy opening her big gift...

Melissa and Doug toy kitchen!! Now maybe I can have my pots and pans back...

A little boy and his Radio Flyer

The only proof that I was actually there on Christmas Day

The beginning of the attempt for Christmas photo

The Bodyslam

The Getaway

The Bribe

What mullet??

It wouldn't be a Martsolf event without the smoke alarm going off at least once... Pursy has abandoned her reaction of fear every time it goes off and now climbs on her stool to help wave smoke away from the detector.

Christmas Wrestling

The End of Christmas Wrestling


This would be a perfect Christmas photograph... if they were facing the exact opposite direction.

Helpful Knoxer.

Santa the morning after...

What is that???

Is that snow??

A beautiful snowy morning after Christmas.