Sunday, December 18, 2011

Purslane and Knox: My favorite things

My delicious babes, here are my favorite things that you do or say right now.

Knox, you are a snuggly little man. When I pick you up from your bassinet or bouncy seat and you are still a little asleep, you hold your legs up close to your body, which always makes me call you my Little Mushroom. When you are nursing and your arm is down against my body, your little fingers stroke the skin on my side. After your belly is full, you love sitting in the bouncy seat as long as you are in the room everyone else is. You sit there and make sweet noises with your mouth wide open like you are just taking in the whole world at once. You laugh in your sleep like you are having the greatest dream- I love when I catch you doing this one. Of course my favorite thing you are doing right now is smiling at us. It is getting easier every day to get one out of you- sometimes all I have to do is look at you and it's like you were just waiting for the chance.

Purslane, you continue to be a fantastic and crazy little girl.Your language acquisition is astonishing and I love watching other people's reaction to you saying things like "mayonnaise" and "I have poops". You are not supposed to be able to say three word sentences yet, but there you are clear as day knowing exactly what you mean. You came running out of the back bedroom today and informed me of a "mess"- which I found was an entire pack of notecards you had taken out and strewn all over the room. You hate having shoes and socks on in the car and they come off as soon as you are in your car seat- your intensity is cute but I do hate having to hunt them down when it's time to get out. In the morning after you finish breakfast and I am still drinking my coffee, we watch Sesame Street or Muppet videos on You Tube. They are only 2-3 minutes long, so it isn't very relaxing for me but I do like hearing your one word commands for which video you want to watch. "Tar" is Adam Sandler playing a song to Elmo on his guitar, "Papaste" is Drew Breeze measuring Elmo with a tube of toothpaste, "Apple" is Amy Adams teaching us the word Ingredient, "Baball" is Carmello and Lamar teaching Grover about the word Compare and of course the ever-lovin "Feis" singing 1,2,3,4. Your other favorite media activity is the Lion King, which you have been watching way too often while we are trying to pack up the house. You love the scene where Timone, Pumba and Simba eat bugs and at least once look at me with your little nose wrinkled up and say "Eww Gross". You still love puzzles and books, looking at pictures on Mama's cell phone and playing with "Whit Miles Whit". You have recently started dancing and love to show us your "moves". You also are a fan of getting "dizzy" and seem unfazed when you bounce off walls or people after a few spins. I could keep going but am starting to sound like "that Mom"...

I am so proud of both of my babes. I can't wait to teach you all kinds of more great stuff. And once we hit Pittsburgh we can spend our days at the Children's Museum, Carnegie Science and History museums, Frick Park, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Zoo...  Your Dada is going to wish he had decided to be a stay at home Dad instead of getting this silly little PhD... but we will call him Doctor Martsolf for a little while to make him feel better.

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