Saturday, November 12, 2011

Still Have the Ace...

Last night we had our small group over for dinner- Grant made chicken masala (yummy) and we all sat around our big kitchen table and laughed our heads off. These people are salt of the earth. My best friends and the sort of humans you can talk about topics like child molesters (we are enduring a sad time in HappyValley) and Dawson's Creek (thank you for that, Alex) over the same dinner and somehow everything is alright.

At one point during the meal, someone commented that they had never known me not pregnant- i.e. able to drink alcohol. My dear friend Bec leaned over to me and said "I could tell some stories about drinking with you..." and we both threw our heads back and laughed because we both knew exactly the times she was probably talking about. More then likely there was a game of quarters involved and definitely there were darts and cigars.

The night ended and of course Becki was the last to leave- but not before a parting comment about the size of my boobs. I was left in a quiet house with a sleeping Knox while Grant went to go collect Pursy from the babysitters. The laundry and dishes can wait- I sit down to let the happiness of the evening linger a little more.

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