Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rip Van Winkle

My babe is 2 weeks old today. I go back and forth between being amazed at how new he still is and feeling like he has been in our lives forever. It is much different this time around- now at night when I put him to sleep in his bassinet at the foot of our bed, I crawl under the covers and fall sound asleep myself. When Pursy was two weeks old, I would stand over her for hours just watching her breathe to make sure the next one came. I have more faith in Knox, and thus am far less sleep deprived. I also find myself being much more comfortable with doing things one-handed.. with two babes under the age of 2 my arms are very rarely void of a child.

I have spent the last two weeks listening fondly to messages from dear friends wishing us congratulations- then saving them for another day without returning the call or email. These two weeks were my time to heal (4 hour speed labor requires a little TLC to my lady parts), help Purslane adjust after her world got rocked with the presence of her brother, and allow both of my mothers to serve our little family. I let go of my need to control the grocery shopping, what P ate for breakfast, how I like to do laundry, how much cream I take in my coffee, where I keep things in the kitchen.. I allowed others to take over the rest of my life so I could lay on our bed and watch Knox open his eyes and look around. And when Pursy wasn't being doted on by her grandmothers, she was in the bedroom with me pointing out Knox's eyes, toes and belly for the millionth time. That girl loves her new brother. It is a suffocating, intense kind of love- one that would definitely kill him if we weren't there to pull her off his face, but her interest in him has been sweet rather then jealous- for which I am so happy.

So I return to the world with a feeling of intense thankfulness for TWO healthy babes, a husband that adores and takes care of all of us and a renewed sense of peace in the face of chaos. I remind myself at least once an hour that puzzle pieces on the floor will hurt no one and string cheese for breakfast is better then coffee alone. It will take me a little while to adjust and get things running smoothly around here, but eventually I will learn where to find the 30 seconds to put my mascara on in the bathroom rather then the front seat of the car.

So hello again world- I may have a hat on for the 4th day in a row, but I have yet to recycle underwear or wear a skirt with unshaved legs. Two weeks out, I think I am doin' alright.

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