Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the Cheese Man

Purslane's favorite food staple (for many months now) is cheese. Cheese in every shape and size- from the humble string cheese to the exotic Gouda- that girl loves her cheese. Our local grocery store offers free cookies to babes at the bakery, but we bypass that every week for the cheese counter and her best friend, the Cheese Man. We gave him this title and he seems to like hearing it come out of her sweet mouth.. followed by a frantic string of "pees, pees, pees, pees" (Please) as if on this particular day, he would forget to give her a slice of white American or Colby Jack.

She sits in the front of the cart and happily eats her treasure- giving me a good 3 minutes of peace from her grabbing my grocery list, my pen, the front of my shirt or whatever she can reach on the shelves around her. Grocery shopping with her is like intense mud wresting with a really cute octopus.

With FOUR of her molars making their appearance at once, Pursy has been more selective then usual about what she will eat. She is even refusing some of her favorite fruits- apples and pears, which she eats seeds and all, and sometimes the stem if I don't catch it first. Fortunately for her growth and development, she will always eat cheese and if hungry enough, some bread and butter. Her diet is starting to resemble a Parisian aristocrat. But I feel like it is healthier then some kids who get stuck on one food- my nephew keeps Heinz in business and us entertained with dinners like ketchup sandwiches. My sister in law picks her battles and passes him another gummy vitamin.

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