Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's just an oogie...

Thanks to my overflowing supply of hormones (no, they don't disappear into the night the moment the babe is born... they linger like the smell of a baked potato that was cooked in a microwave for 20 minutes.. what, I didn't tell you that story?- remind me later, it's a good one) I spent a good hour of my life last night sobbing into dirty laundry with a ziploc bag crumpled in my hand.

Here's how it went down. Purslane for whatever reason she does anything had decided to call frogs "oogies", and the noise they made "ooggie googie". It was incredibly cute and I refused to allow Grant to correct her. It is amazing how many books frogs show up in and I LOVED hearing her take on it. Then last night, we were reading her favorite book "Brown Bear" and we got to the frog page. I smiled in anticipation... and disaster struck. Clear as day, Pursy said "froggie". Stunned, I asked her to repeat it.


I looked at Grant who was looking at me with the same stunned expression. It was over. Oogies were now a thing of the past and this froggie creature had taken its place. Grant had to take over the reading of the book because I was crying too hard to finish. Pursy kept looking at me with a perplexed look and I attempted the brave Mommy smile. After book time was over, he carried her off to bed- and I collapsed into a chair and grabbed the first thing I could to muffle my sobs- a dirty dress out of the laundry I had worn the day before. I had just gotten myself under control about the oogie thing and was starting to pick up our bedroom, sniffling, when I came across a ziploc baggie containing the little hat they had put on Knox right after he was born.


I literally shook with gut-wrenching sobs for a good 30 more minutes until Grant realized from the living room that I hadn't emerged from the bedroom in quite a while. He came in to find a snotty ball of hormones wrapped helplessly around a handful of dirty laundry. He tried his best to understand, and then finally just told me he loved me and rubbed my back.

You never know when you will hear something for the last time, or watch some new skill change overnight from a clumsy attempt to a smooth action. These babes of mine constantly amaze me. And I have managed not to do it yet, but you better believe the video I took of Pursy a few weeks ago going over her animal sounds will be watched today. And tomorrow. And I need to remind myself that it is probably wrong to correct her and try to get her to call it an oogie forever... right?

 Check out that pouty lip potential...
 What do you get when you cross naptime with curly hair?...

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