Thursday, October 13, 2011

I like Food

Because food is Oh-so-important to me right now, I thought a food journal just of my day yesterday would be entertaining. A little embarrassing, particularly for those who have only known me as a farmers market, locally grown, close to the earth kind of eater- but all bets are off during pregnancy, as evidenced by the fact that the only food "substances" I could keep down during my first trimester were plates of chinese buffet steamed rice with jarred gravy and Doritos. Thankfully, not together. When you are choosing between Doritos and vomit-induced, electrolyte imbalanced starvation, you just eat Doritos and ignore the opinions of the outside world who all want to tell you how important it is to eat 3 servings of dark green vegetables a day during the first few months of pregnancy for babe's development. If Knox is born with scurvy and ends up at community college, we all know who to blame.

So yesterday. Started out pretty normal. Two bowls of Raisin Bran. Cup of coffee and half of Pursy's banana. She starts fussing in her crib- Grant goes in to change her horrific morning poop diaper while I start making her breakfast. It is lonely eating alone, so I make myself Second Breakfast, which is scrambled eggs and a yogurt. Finally full, we leave the house for some play time at the library. Halfway home, I stop at the bakery. SO proud of myself- I did not have a bavarian cream donut. I had two bavarian cream donuts. Home to put Pursy down for a nap. Another bowl of Raisin Bran. And a pear. After her nap, I feed her lunch and am surprisingly not hungry. Drink water and feel alright. At 530 the family eats together- very important to us. Homemade shells and cheese, peas and a beer for Grant. I try to pretend my glass of grape/peach juice is a wine spritzer and then we wash,dry and read books to the babe. Bedtime. While Grant puts Pursy to sleep, I eat half a package of gingersnaps and make red raspberry tea to try and bring on labor. No dice on the labor, but do create wicked heartburn for which I take 4 Tums and drink some milk. End of eating day.

"Mama- eat your vegetables!"
 Has anyone else discovered the pasta made out of veggies that Wegmans sells???This pasta is made of tomatoes and carrots. Pursy loves it.
 P's fish face.
 Since we are talking about food, how much do I love a husband who does manly things like smoke whole chickens and feeds them to me with BBQ sauce and cheese grits?

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  1. I think it's a little unsettling that at 21 weeks that does not sound like a lot of a food eaten in one day to me..... uh oh.