Friday, October 7, 2011

God help us if this girl ever gets ahold of a cigarette...

Pursy hasn't shown much interest thus far in movies or TV. We haven't really encouraged it either- we don't have strong feelings for or against letting her watch things like Sesame Street or PBS kids, but for my sanity she will not be allowed to watch Barney or the Wiggles. Not because I think they are bad, just highly annoying. She is such a curious little cat that I wasn't surprised when after 3 minutes of Sleeping Beauty she was crawling off the couch in search of something better to do. Fine with me- I really would prefer her not to get sucked into the world of TV babysitting. Although when/if she does, I think investing in DVD collections of The Smurfs, Fraggle Rock and GI Joe would be way better then letting her watch the new cartoon junk on TV. Some of it creeps ME out a little- no telling what it would do to her pure little mind. I'm sure there is good stuff out there, but Grant and I like old things and it's hard to argue that the cartoons we grew up on were WAY better. (Remember the Snorks??)

The one exception to her lack of interest in television is this silly little video on YouTube called The Duck Story. A girlfriend of mine sent it to me after humming the "waddle waddle" chorus every time I walked by her at the hospital. Purslane happened to be in the room when I opened the video and was immediately hooked. She wanted to watch it on repeat until I wanted to throw the computer out the window. The following have also resulted: when asked what a duck says, she now says "Hey Man". First thing in the morning when either Grant or I walk into her room, instead of "Mama" or "Dada" she now greets us with "Duck! Duck!". If I need a few minutes to make a phone call or fold some laundry, I can put her in her high chair and pull her up to the kitchen counter with the 3 minute video on repeat and know that she will be entertained. She wants to watch it all the time, and her addictive little personality is starting to make me nervous. God help us when/if she discovers things more harmful to her health...

Mamas- let me know if you need a few minutes of quiet or want to watch your active child become a zombie for 3.5 minutes and I will send you the link. This video is baby crack and Pursy is a cute little addict.


  1. Oh but this is just the beginning. You have now realized a few moments of peace via the TV/internet. Once that little boy is born and you need a second your sweet little Pursy will be sitting in front of Nick Jr in no time. First it's just for a few minutes while you change a diaper, but then you'll realize you can even shower while Dora has her attention and it's all downhill from there. But not to worry. There is such good stuff around. My kid is speaking Spanish and counting to twenty and it sure ain't due to me...

  2. THAT'S what she was saying to me today!! you were in the bathroom & she kept saying "duck! duck!" and i had no clue what she meant. now i know. :)