Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall in Love...

Unashamed at my kitchy play on words for the title of this blog post...

I love autumn, fall- whatever you call this time of year- I LOVE it. Going through it with a 17 month old is even better. There have actually been moments when I forgot to step on every leaf on the sidewalk...Purslane reminds me this is not acceptable. Walks take twice as long when you are trying to find the perfect leaf to take home as a souvenir and the line is longer at Starbucks when the fall drinks come to town. You can't rush through Autumn. I love mums on the front porch and funky gourds and squash as decoration on my table. Now that I have babes I love Halloween and trick or treat night. Pursy is going to be a doctor (complete with tiny scrubs that have Dr Pursy embroidered on the pocket) and little freeloader is going to be a pea in the pod- my life dream since the day I considered every having children. He needs to hurry up and be born however or this costume is going to be ridiculously huge.

The air smells like firewood and happiness. The sun is still shining daily and I can acceptably wear sandals and a fleece. 65 degrees is the temperature of the new Jerusalem, I am sure of it. And it will be Autumn every day. And Reeses PB cups will always be in the shape of pumpkins.

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