Sunday, September 25, 2011

Technology brings New Worries

Five years ago all I would have woken up this morning thinking about was the fantastic night I had. I would have been thinking about how great it is that Grant and I still enjoy going out on dates (good dates- not lame dinner and movie nights where we talk about whether or not cloth diapering is still working for us). I would have looked at the strapless black and gray number I wore and given myself a mental high five for rocking one of my favorite gifts of pregnancy. I would have hooked up Rhapsody and found a Marah album to listen to while making breakfast. And I would be blogging about how confident I felt dancing while 9 months pregnant because the music was calling to me.

Instead, I am hoping the newest YouTube sensation is not my pregnant self dancing like a fool obviously more consumed with hoping no bits pop out of my dress then my sexy moves.

There were quite a few IPhones with their sinister little screens lit up during the show last night, and all of my faith in humanity is riding on the fact that admiring my courage to get out there and dance while terrifyingly pregnant would make you think twice before publicly sharing a video or photo. Please?...

I suppose it is what it is. I had a fantastic time with my husband and friends. The food was yummy, the music was rockin', and I met one of my favorite blog writers. She is more rad then even her blog lets on, and I actually giggled all the way home because she was mostly to blame for my antics on the dance floor. It was a good night. And I'm sure I looked just as sexy and carefree as I imagined I did...

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