Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Have a Ball and a Biscuit, Sugar....

I love the White Stripes. Partly because anytime their music is blaring out of my speakers the windows automatically go down and I start singin' along. Partly because they always make me think of my brother Daniel and make me wish we had thought of the brother/sister music duo first before it got cool. (if Peter or Nick are reading this- I am well aware that Meg and Jack are not ACTUALLY brother and sister, so don't send me any snarky FB posts telling me you know more about music then I do)

This blog post is all about a 20 second video I shot of Pursy yesterday morning when the Pampers commercial came on TV. She LOVES this commercial and I am so happy I finally caught her transfixed watching it. It was like the world stopped and the only thing that mattered was the babies. I also love the special effects of the fan blowing her hair around in a lovely whimsical manner.

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  1. Purslane is SO CUTE! I wish we were closer so we could see her more. Give her hugs from her favorite FL aunt and uncle!