Monday, August 22, 2011

The Silver Lining

Over the past 8 years of marriage, Grant and I have said goodbye to some of the most fantastic people. For those of who you don't know the progression, we moved from Denver to New Orleans to Washington DC to State College in a matter of 4 years.

That is alot of being the new kids and alot of getting to know yous (or y'all or yinz).

Along with meeting people the "normal" way- i.e. school, church, work or neighborhood- we have met some of our besties in restaurants, on the city bus, dinner parties or bogarted them from other people. We are not ashamed to steal cool people and add them to our repertoire of "Things we Love".

I am a vagabond at heart and never had a problem with packing up and moving. The goodbyes were always hard, but my best friend was always in the seat beside me as we drove away from a place so I never really felt too lonely for too long. And as a paper stationery and nice ink pen junkie, I found keeping in touch with friends we left behind a nice perk.

One huge downside. RARELY you meet the person who you bond with right away and don't need multiple interactions to know that you are going to be close. So it takes a little while to build up lady friends each time I have moved. And sometimes important things happen before I found those ladies and I had to call someone from the place we moved from at 2AM because no one in my time zone knew me well enough to try and decipher what was actually bothering me in between the swears and heaving sobs taking the place of normal speech.

One huge perk. I have friends all over the country that I still keep in my repertoire of Things I Love. And last week I emailed a handful of them asking them to go to a chain store and look for a particular skirt for me that my local store didn't have. And one by one, these fantastic human beings came through for me. Getting the packages in the mail over the next week reminded me why I love these colorful women. Margo (lives in Orlando) couldn't find the skirt so went to a completely different store and found a teal skirt/dress as a pretty little substitute. Ariel (starting her residency in San Fran) couldn't find the skirt either so picked out an olive green wrap skirt that I am wearing right now. Shannon (sweet Nashville honey) found the skirt and bought two of them.

If I have to keep watching these girls grow smaller in the rear view mirror, I will always count them as some of my most valuable possessions. Their love and friendship has laughed me through a boring party, taught me about navigating the joys and perils of relationships, introduced me to amazing books and beer, and made me a better woman. Someday we must all get together for the most amazing and delicious dinner party ever. And linger a very, very long time.

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  1. your friends in st louis are happy to shop for you anytime!