Monday, August 8, 2011

In an Instant

This morning I was driving Grant to work and we were almost T-boned by a maroon SUV who decided the red light at the corner of College and Burrowes didn't apply to her. I laid on the horn and she didn't even look over. Just kept going, obviously too preoccupied by whatever she had to do that morning in such a damn hurry to notice that she almost changed my life forever. If she would have hit our car, it would have been on the passenger side- the side on which both my husband and child were sitting.

I kept driving but was instantly sobbing. My mind kept going back to what would be happening right now if we would have been going through that intersection 3 seconds earlier. I would have lost the two people who are my world. In an instant, and by someone who had no malicious intent- but just didn't take the time to pay attention.

I'm sure pregnancy hormones were partly to blame, but I couldn't stop crying for a good 5 minutes. Grant finally made me park the car and pull it together. He was unimpressed by the near miss, and actually his statistician brain and mouth were already happily shooting out data regarding the likelihood that this wouldn't happen again for quite some time. "This was our close call and now it's over!" When his probability theories failed to stop the tears, he just handed me napkins and rubbed my back until I stopped dry heaving. He then took Purslane out of her car seat and handed her to me with instructions to "hug your mother", which she did.

I am home now, and obviously Grant's data was true- at least for today. But if you are on the road driving, please pay attention. No one deserves to get hit by a car, but I am selfishly thinking that my car with my precious people in it deserve to get hit least of all.

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