Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Greatest Picture Ever

When Grant and I were engaged, someone snapped a photo of us at my best friend Julia's wedding. She got married outside in beautiful Old Colorado City, our bridesmaid dresses were bangin', and I was crazy in love with this bearded guy from Pennsylvania. I was a happy girl.

This photograph has been my absolute favorite since I picked it up at the drug store photo shop. Remember when we had to do that??? Wait 24 hours (if you wanted to pay for the expediency) to pick up the sleeve of pictures that had magically been made from the roll of film you dropped off? I do love digital cameras, but missing the earthy quality of 14 pictures where your eyes are closed is a good kind of nostalgia. It made the "perfect" picture of you and your boyfriend from high school all the more precious- as opposed to taking multiple shots and then checking the screen to make sure everyone/thing is perfect while you hold the pose and smile expectantly.

Anyway- this isn't about photography. It is about revealing what may possibly be my new favorite picture. It doesn't have the romantic quality of the previous picture and I probably won't spend hours looking at it and finding the perfect frame so it looks casual on the bookshelf but yet draws attention to itself. All the same, every time I look at her happy little face all cozied up to me, I start crying. This little girl changed our life forever, and that blissful kissing couple that could have cared less about anything going on around them- that love- created her. We are the two luckiest people alive.

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