Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Shout Out to my Daughter's Dad..

Grant rarely gets all the praise he deserves- I have actually joked that he started out being fantastic WAY too early in our marriage and now I just expect him to continue the trend.

Here is his Top Five list of awesomeness JUST from this week.

1. Found Pursy's missing shoe (twice)-  the one that she likes to sneaky take off and run around without.
2. Changed her crib sheets at 8AM because I can't bend over anymore to change them after a night sleep with a fierce dirty diaper.
3. Braved the mall to buy me my favorite bamboo candle AND bring it to me at work- after I had crabbed at him for 10 minutes prior to leaving for work about how hot and miserable I am.
4. Has yet to say one word about what running the AC constantly will do to our electric bill, even though I KNOW he has thought about it more then once.
5. At least 3 nights in the past week has made a popsicle run while I laid supine on the couch watching the Pirates.

I got a good one. Don't think I don't know it. Love you Grant.

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