Monday, July 18, 2011

Pregnancy Pros and Cons

My first blog was called "Two Souls, One Body" and was devoted almost exclusively to blogging about my pregnancy with Purslane. I talked about cravings, morning sickness, crazy pregnancy dreams and other sundry topics that were amazing and wondrous experiences with a first pregnancy.

I feel like with pregnancy #2 the magic has worn off and I just feel like an enormous crabby bag of sand. I find it extremely difficult to find anything I like about being with child this time around, and REALLY can't believe I still have 2 3/4 months to go. (side note- I love being a mother and can't wait to meet this little man. Just to clarify that I do not plan on being this miserable once babe is OUTSIDE my body) (side note #2- I also recognize that many women have real complaints about  being pregnant such as bells palsies, varicose veins, systemic rashes and 40 week nausea- to these amazing women who persevere I send out my adoration and tell you to stop reading my bog before you want to punch me in the face).

With my first pregnancy, I could be as narcissistic as I wanted. I laid on the couch and on a good day just talked to my in utero child, and on a bad day waited for Grant to meet whatever need I had at the moment. If I wanted a nap the only barrier was the set of stairs I had to climb to the bedroom. I counted grams of protein, religiously did pregnancy yoga, checked the ingredients in my face cleanser and ate organic superfoods like acai berries and Kefir. It was winter and spring during my 3rd Trimester so I enjoyed the extra warmth of carrying a baby and I kept myself active. The day before I went into labor, Grant and I walked 4 miles. I was a model pregnant woman.

This time around it is Summer and I am hot. I am also running around after a 15 month old who thinks the world is fantastic and wants to drink it all in at once. My breakfast this morning was the remains of her oatmeal and half a peach smoothie. I think I remembered to take my prenatal vitamin and the thought went through my head that if I didn't, I'm pretty sure the bowl of cereal I will eat before bed tonite is fortified with lots of vitamins. I haven't touched my yoga DVD- although Pursy and I do get out almost every day for a long walk. Naps are a pipe dream and to be honest, if my face cleanser right now had arsenic in it, I don't think I would notice. The best gauge of my mood this pregnancy would be Grant, who every time I open my mouth jumps in with "whatever I did, I'm sorry"- before I even speak. He just assumes he is about to be hassled about something. Poor guy. He is the definition of longsuffering.

I know the end will come before I can blink, and I won't  be able to remember life without my two precious babes. I will have much bigger things to worry about then not being able to reach my toes or how many mgs of caffeine my coffee has in it. Being a Mom is one of the most important things I will do with my life, and even though I think we will probably stop with two biological babes, going through pregnancy is a small price to pay for the privilege of having children. But since I am human and pregnant in the summer, please don't give me a hard time for complaining about being tired or hot. Just bring me milkshakes and at least pretend to listen when I crab about whatever has me going at the moment. That's what Grant does.

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