Monday, July 25, 2011

Anyone Know the Wikidef of "Precocious"?... spelled PURSLANE

Yesterday when picking up Pursy from the church nursery, one of the workers mentioned to me that "your daughter is quite precocious". I smiled and thanked her... and then wondered if she thought that was a good thing. We tend to think her adventurous, determined, happy nature is a beautiful thing- but I suppose when you are trapped in one room with 15 toddlers those traits might be less admirable then say, the docile child who just wants to sit and watch. I don't know if other 15 month olds have figured out how to talk their friends into doing things, but when I walked into the nursery Pursy was sitting in the Fisher Price car while her friend Miles was pushing her around. He was either being the southern gentleman his mother is raising him to be, or Pursy flashed her baby blues and he got suckered.

Here are some more examples of my precocious daughter and the antics this week that we have found particularly endearing.

Talking to baby Knox
 Channeling Saturday Night Fever in the baby pool
 Her Thriller moves while getting ready for church
 Making sure baby Knox has his own goldfish
 Baby Costello
 One of her favorite tricks- the old foot in the box...
 Reverse helping Mama put laundry away
 Amazing how many plastic bags fit in that little box..
 Pursy doing bath salts...

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