Friday, June 24, 2011

Sundry Thoughts for a Friday and Sundry Pics of My Loves

Yesterday was our first boob free day. Pursy was down to once a day, first thing in the morning and while it was a very sweet way to start our day, being 5 months pregnant was making the logistics of nursing uncomfortable. The weaning was not as sad and painful as I imagined it would be- she simply skipped a step and went on with her day. We had a great run- 14 months of breastfeeding. My favorite memory is not the hours of holding her close, the middle of the night quietness where only the two of us were awake, or the bond we built. My favorite memory of nursing her is in the last few weeks where she would be snuggled up to me, and I would tickle her side and she would giggle- without de-latching. The corners of her mouth would just turn up and she would look at me out of the corner of her eye. Fantastic.

I found a thrift store treasure last week- a mustard colored leather purse with a black and white cloth lining. It is the first purse I have found rad enough to replace the burgundy hobo bag I found at a vintage store in New Orleans 5 years ago. I like having something other then the extra pockets of Pursy's diaper bag to keep my stuff in- even if all I have in my purse is a Burts and my phone- it is all mine.

Two of my favorite people are back in the country. Bill and Bec came back from Australia today and I ran into them at a random trip to Wal Mart. Bill had three Dinty Moore cups in his hand and Bec was wearing a headband with a white flower. I went out in a shitty mood and was wandering around Wal Mart looking for something besides booze to make me feel better. Seeing their faces instantly changed my day- I knew they were coming back but didn't know it was this soon. I drove home thinking about when we could have one of our fabulous dinner parties- complete with loads of wine, cigars (for Bec and I), and the sort of hilarious conversation that happens when four people with completely different life experiences get together.

Tomorrow is going to be great. Grant doesn't have to work, and I have things planned from the minute we wake up. Breakfast at the Waffle Shop, then I want to hit some yard sales and have my heart set on finding Pursy a Light Brite. At 10:30 we will go to the library for "Jazz and Books", and finally find out what it means to "read Where the Wild Things Are with local jazz band interpretation". After lunch and hopefully nap by Pursy, we are going for a walk at Black Moshannon National Park. Then home to marinate chicken, cook fresh pasta, and eat dinner with friends. After all that, Purslane will take a bath and go to bed and Grant and I will watch Biutiful (finally). I don't know if I am more excited about our plans or having Grant around all day.

So there's my head. Empty now, and I can finish watching the Pirates. Good Night y'all.

 My happy girl
 Dada showing Pursy the baby bunnies we found under a bush in our front yard

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