Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We have definitely discovered what Summer is for. Once the rain stopped, every day has been sunny and hot and 147% humidity. The air literally feels like you are walking through a wet blanket. Late afternoon cold showers are a necessity and I have a new section in my closet of "evening clothes"- these are the sheer, lightweight dresses that can only be worn after the sun has started to set a little and the brightness of day doesn't shine through and showcase my delicious pregnancy underwear. There is a line from a Pedro the Lion song that talks about how often women shave their legs when no one can see them: "Husbands in winter, they know the truth- but what can they do?". I'm sure this is how Grant feels when I am pregnant. I am not sure how fantastic this secret is, but he is the only person who knows what sort of undies fit under my growing belly and spreading hips. They don't come from Vickie's.. that's for sure.

Two nights ago Purslane was having a hard time sleeping in her un-air conditioned bedroom, despite the breeze coming through the window and a fan blowing full blast. Grant and I traded off sitting in the rocking chair with her, but after two hours we decided to go for a walk. So 10pm we loaded a very sleepy and grumpy babe into the stroller and headed out. Halfway down the block, Pursy got a second wind and became the exact opposite of what we were hoping for- wide awake and thrilled to be outside. Grant picked a daisy for her, and she held it in her right hand like a victory flag and waved it the entire walk. It was pretty adorable, if not totally counter productive to the goal of sleepiness. However, when we got back home, she gave up and passed out in Grant's arms. We stripped her down to her diapers and admired the tight little curls that form on the back of her neck when she is all sweaty. 

So passed the first real week of Summer- in daily bedtime baths, frequent trips to Meyer Dairy for milkshakes, and lots of naked baby time.
 Mama trying to convince Pursy it is okay to get wet..
 Afternoon reading with Dada while the breeze comes through the window...

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