Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Two nights ago while Grant and I were listening to records and winding down the day, he asked what I thought his simple pleasures were. His are easy- finding a good vinyl, holding hands with me, beer on the back porch, giving Pursy a bath, Sports Center, his KEXP t-shirts and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates. My incredibly complicated and intense husband can 99% of the time be calmed by doing one of these activities.

So here are mine. It doesn't take much to make me happy, so I will do my best to narrow down the list to a managable amount. These are in no particular order- chronological, importance, autobiographical or otherwise.

Iced coffee in the summer and mug of french press in the winter.
A sexy dress
Bob Dylan blaring with the windows down
Grant walking through the door
Full-fat yogurt, granola and strawberries
My black Reef sandals
Pursy's breath in the morning
A farmer's market
A Baby Story (my guilty pleasure)
Outdoor concerts
Watching Pursy chew her applesauce
The feather earrings Grant bought for me at Kelley's house show
Burt's Bees in any shape or form
Conversations with Becki where we are both interrupting each other and I start to develop a southern accent
Cheese and Bread
Etc, etc... life is just good

What are your simple pleasures?


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