Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Best Friends

Grant is starting to get a little nervous about how much time I spend with my new community of women. I spend at least an hour every day catching up on their lives, babes, creative outlets, photos and overall person, and then I share my own in response. And while we never have coffee together or baby play dates, the beauty they put into the world affects my day and often whatever mood I am in. I am speaking, of course about the Mommy Blogs I read. I have a list of favorites, and like to check out whatever blogs THEY follow to see if I can find a new best friend.

Last week Grant and I were talking about our upcoming vacation in Asheville with our (real) best friends, Russ and Amy St. John. We were discussing if we knew anyone who lived on the way to NC that we could crash with, and I said "Oh- Melissa and Brent live in NC, we should stay with them!" The puzzled look he gave me grounded me to the reality that I don't actually know this couple- but her blog ( is one of my absolute favorites and since I had just looked at all the pictures of her amazing water birth I felt like we were close.

I have to admit, if I am having a weepy,emotional day these blogs don't always lift my spirits. If I am feeling particularly uninspired and vanilla, reading about their vintage shops and vegetable gardens make me feel more jealous then peaceful. Some have devoted husbands and supportive families, others are single moms, some work full time and others stay home- there is an amazing breadth of experiences and choices being made by Mamas in 2011. And the beautiful thing about blogs is that A. there are tons of gorgeous baby pictures B. if you read the right ones, the women are not trying to promote their way of doing things- just sharing the decisions they are making and not asking for your approval. It is just life. Every once in a while you come across some mom who says something dumb like "we co-sleep because we strongly believe if you don't, your children will never learn to trust you will meet their needs and probably become a crack whore". So then, you just don't go back to their judgey blog.

Most of the blogs I read are just day in the life stories and pictures of families that I would love to live close to. Girls that love their Boys and are making colorful lives for themselves. Another favorite blog of mine is She had a post up a few months ago called "The Love you Came From" and was the narrative of how she and her husband met, fell in love and decided to start a family. Every time I start to feel a little narcissistic about spending time blogging, I think that Purslane will be able to go back and read these words some day and know exactly how I felt about her and our life together. I write things as they happen, rather then the sporadic letters I write to her in her baby book where I summarize the last few months.

So even though I can't pour a second cup of coffee while I spend my hour reading blogs (64 mg of caffeine/day limit while preggo) I still enjoy the luxury of "meeting" these Mamas and maybe finding a little inspiration in their pictures, thoughts and stories. And enjoy the idea that maybe somewhere, someone is reading my blog and our little family can make them happy too.


  1. When we have kids, you should know that you'll be most likely to read DADDY blogs from our house. I just want you to be prepared.

    And: I'm considering kidnapping Pursy. Sigh...

  2. ha ha - my husband quickly grew used to "Crunchy Beach Mama told me today..." and "You know what T Rex Mom does when..." and "Metropolitan Mama and her husband are traveling the country in an RV this year - wouldn't you like to do that?" (he wouldn't.). At first, he looked a little started at my new "friends" names... but then he soon figured out that I'm all about the bloggy friends these days! :) It's fun. It's a good connection. And for better or worse, I spend MUCH more than an hour a day at it! :) LOL Enjoy the mommy blog time! :) Would love to see ya visit again over at "my place" :)
    PS: I just caught up with all your posts - do you have email subscription widget? I'd love to add you to my inbox! :)