Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Buddy... My Buddy

Yesterday while Purslane was napping, my dear friend Anna stopped over unexpectedly with a gift. Important to understand that in order for this gift to be as perfect as it was, she needed to know two things about me. One, that I have a thing for refrigerator magnets. Two, that I also have a thing for mustaches. As in, Grant will never be taken to bed again if he gets one but I LOVE them on other people. My gift was a magnet that says "Guns don't kill people, people with mustaches kill people" and an image of a glorious handlebar. I love love love it.

Since the babe was sleeping, I showed her my latest thrift store find- a portable turntable which is supposed to be for the new babe's room but right now is enjoying prime time in our bedroom. We fall asleep now to Second Line bands and Tom Waits.. happiness. We sat on our bed and chatted about books, our husbands and food. The breeze came through the window and all was right with the world.

Later that afternoon while sweat was forming on the small of my back while Pursy and I played in the steamy  living room, I realized that I had another buddy to sit on the bed, listen to music and hang out with. I picked her up and we returned to the cool bedroom. The book conversation was a little less stimulating (to me anyway- she loves peek a boo books and could spend hours opening and closing the flaps) but we had a grand time, and I found reason #270 to love being a Mom.

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  1. oh she's so big!! A. is loving reading right now and brings me books saying "Wreed, Wreed!" :)