Monday, June 20, 2011

A Day Late and a Dollar Short...

I am making myself feel better about writing this Father's Day homage a day late because we actually spent every second of yesterday with Grant and there was no time for writing.

I know when you are falling in love with someone you are more consumed with how the two of you are going to make a life together, rather then imagining how they will react when you tell them you are pregnant. The first family is the two of you, and I believe that is the most important one. But from the moment I told Grant we were having a baby, his "fathering" life began. He began to love Purslane while she was tucked in my belly and made sure I ate well for her, took care of myself for her and when she was being born, he was our biggest champion. He was the first one to get pooped on, he made midnight runs for mylicon and orajel, and over the past 14 months has put her every need ahead of his own. He was a brave soul- putting those tiny onesies on her tiny body with the utmost singleness of purpose. When I went back to work, he didn't spend his time with her safe and secure in the house just making sure she stayed alive until I got home at midnight. He loaded her into the Bjorn and they went out exploring. I would often get text photos of my tiny daughter sound asleep at a pub where they had gone to watch a blues band. He made sure she was getting an education- long before she could appreciate how stressful it was to take a baby anywhere.

When I watch the two of them together- now wrestling and reading and running around the backyard, I realize all over again that I hit the jackpot with this guy. I put in all my heart's faith that he would be a good husband. That we would spend the rest of our lives together and still make each other smile in a way that no one else could. But when I watch him reading "Letters to a Young Calvinist" and realize that he has every intention of being so devoted to Purslane's life, I think that no woman was ever so lucky.

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband and father of my child. Next year you will have two of these little people calling you Daddy. Won't that be something...

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