Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today is for You

Four years ago today I was graduating from Nursing School. You had spent 18 months working tremendously hard at the Advisory Board so I could focus on school, and I credit you with my success and my 3.7 GPA. Being able to singularly focus on school was a huge gift from you and I loved you for it.

Today you are defending your dissertation proposal and I am so proud of you. You are so close to a PhD, and you have not had the luxury of being singularly focused. You have helped me maintain a strong and passionate marriage, you have been a fantastic father to our daughter, you have picked up dog poo in the backyard and did the final cleaning on our old house when we moved. While I give you a hard time about your crappy breakfasts you grab at UniMart, I am so grateful for the mornings you leave the house early so you can be home at 5 to eat dinner with us. You have invested in new friendships and spent time with the guys you already have in your life. You support your church, even when our community hard to love. And at the end of the day, you find the energy to read Goodnight Moon to Pursy without making the old lady whispering Hush too creepy.

I love you so much more then I ever thought I would. I was crazy about you 8 years ago, and today feel so blessed to be your friend and wife. You still make my heart flutter a little when you walk through the door, and I love the life we have created together. You are the man of my dreams.

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