Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To be Strong

I was thinking this morning while sitting next to Pursy watching her eat her zucchini and blueberry muffin that one of my biggest jobs as her Mama will be to teach her what it means to be a strong woman. I believe this means more then just giving her the tools she will need to run her own life and be a productive member of society.

This means teaching her how to protect those weaker then her and not shying away from those stronger then her. It means modeling for her how to keep it together when all you want to do is lay on the floor and melt down. (this urge does not go away as you get older, by the way.. there have been many days when I want to join her in her screaming protest against being put in pajamas or being "encouraged" to eat peas when she wants more peaches). Being a strong woman sometimes means keeping your mouth shut when you know trying to defend yourself against injustice will only make things worse. A strong woman does what she knows is right- even when it is the hardest thing to do, and no one will praise you for it. It might even make your life harder.

I hope for my daughter that when she is a 31 year old woman and maybe a Mama herself, that she has people around her that support her in her decisions and remind her that the only approval she needs to seek is from God. I have a wrinkly old post-it note framed on my dresser that was left on my car windshield almost 7 years ago by my dear friend Shannon. It says "Don't ever forget that you are an amazing woman. You are priceless to me".  This simple sentiment has given me courage on days when I doubt even my most basic of life decisions. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of my worth as a human being and my place in relation to the other human beings in my life.

So here is my hope for Purslane Claire. I hope that she grows up confident in her place as a child of God and her place in relationship to others. I hope that she is strong enough to carry her own burdens and have strength left to help others to do the same. I hope that she knows how valuable she is to us and thus does not need to search for affirmation and affection from vagabonds in her life that will not stay. I hope she knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to and that we will love her regardless of her life choices. I hope that there will be 2AM phone calls to her Dad where they talk through things and she knows that he only wants what is best for her. I hope that she LOVES humankind and serves her church and community. And I hope that when she falls down she is not destroyed and gets back up and tries again.

I love this little girl and pray for wisdom every night to be strong enough to be her Mama.

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