Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Hard to say what my favorite part of this day was. Was it Pursy pretending to eat the freckles off my arm while we snuggled in bed this morning, or was it Grant whisking her away for breakfast and news watching while I slept in until almost 9?...

It could definitely have been the letter Grant wrote to me giving me his observations of the past year and the specific qualities he loves about how I mother Purslane.

On a more superficial but delicious note, who could fault me if my favorite part of Mother's Day was the asparagus and swiss omelet with amazing home fries brunch at Elk Creek Cafe? Made better only by the sweet company of our friends Shannon and Steve and their twins Fiona and Will, who ran around after Pursy so I could enjoy aforementioned omelet...

And then there was the hour our family spent playing in the backyard- Purslane trying to figure out dandelions and Grant running away from the bird who has taken a territorial liking to our back porch and divebombs him every time he walks outside. I planted my herb container garden and soaked it all in.

Maybe my favorite part will be in a few days when my necklace that Grant designed from an artist in CA arrives and I have a permanent reminder of Mother's Day 2011.

It was all pretty fantastic. And now sitting still for the first time today, Babe #2 has decided to wake up and remind me that next year he/she will be in my arms instead of tucked inside my belly. As if today couldn't have been any more precious...

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