Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matt and Kelley

Sunday night we had a house show for our new best friends Matt and Kelley. (grant is laughing right now because every time I meet really fantastic people I accuse them of being our new besties. really, I just want to be surrounded by people cooler then me) Kelly Mcrae has been touring the states performing and we were lucky enough to catch her between Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. The weather was perfect and we had the show outdoors, which ended up being perfect, as kiddos could run around and be noisy and it was much cooler then our un-air conditioned living room.

Sitting outside listening to music woke up a part of me that had been sleeping for a little while. Grant and I used to spend all our free time and money on shows, and geography and biology had put that passion on hold. But Purslane LOVED the music and put on quite a show of her own- laughing and clapping her hands after every song.

We are blessed with friends who dig the things we do, and it doesn't take much to convince them a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening is to light up the grill and listen to music. Friends bring friends- and everyone brings food, which for pregnant Mamas is happiness. Grant and I laid in bed that night enjoying the breeze coming through open windows and noshing on leftover potato chips and cookies. If there is a happy place for everyone- that is mine.

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