Monday, May 2, 2011

Is it an end?

Last night I was up with Pursy at 2AM, fell asleep with her on the couch holding her upright so she could breathe through the mucous filling her sinuses, and woke up this morning at 6. Since there was nothing I could do about my exhaustion, I decided to go grocery shopping.

Grant had to call me to tell me Bin Laden had been found and killed. We actually found out that State College had mini riots last night- 8 blocks from our house and we slept through them. I wonder how many huge events in history are missed by exhausted parents of one year old children.

So today I read a blog that talked about the author (who lives in NYC)'s feelings of sadness about this big news. He talked about how the jubilation going on outside his window at Ground Zero sounded hollow. He admitted that a small part of him felt like a chapter had finally been closed, but how much shorter and less bloody the chapter could have been if this would have happened in 2002 or even 2003. He gave statistics of civilians and military lives that have been lost in the last almost 10 years of war on terror. He talked about the moral compromises America had made in the name of justice and 9/11. He talked about how "democracy" which used to be so cut and dry had become almost a fuzzy term, when America can invade whenever and however they want.

I feel sober. I don't know exactly if I feel anything else, or if I agree with him completely. I know that in 2001 I wanted our troops to go find the orchestrator of 9/11 and make everything right. I also know that as the years went on, my support waned and my criticism increased. I lost faith in what we were doing in the Middle East, and I felt more and more that we were dealing with a culture that could not be more different from our own- and we expected them to act like us. I grew critical of a president that I voted for, and changed my political affiliation in 2008 to see if the Democrats had any better ideas. I also very honestly recognize that I was not personally affected by this- I knew no one that died at the World Trade Centers, and everyone that I have known in the military that was/is deployed has come home safely thus far. I have the luxury of thinking about the last 10 years from a distance.

So I agree that today we should celebrate a little. It is always good to see a little glimpse of justice in this crazy world. And this was a big one. But justice is not ultimately fulfilled at the hands of human beings. It is fulfilled in Christ, and He is the only bringer of justice.

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  1. Jesus is the ultimate and only Bringer of justice. I cannot celebrate the death of a man who does not know about His coming kingdom. I know that America feels safer, it is not. I know many hurting feel that this is somehow justice, it is not. I know his family was also killed, it makes me sad. Praying for His kingdom to come, here.