Saturday, May 14, 2011

The best man for the job...

This morning Grant and I discovered that we don't agree on everything. This came as a huge shock.

We walked into the bathroom to find Pursy sitting in a puddle of toilet paper that she had been VERY happily pulling off the roll in the 27 seconds that she had been out of our sight. She looked up at us with a very proud grin and I immediately burst out laughing- at the exact moment that Grant let out a stern "Purslane, No Ma'am!".

We looked at each other in total surprise, and Pursy was confused as to which parent to respond to. I covered my mouth and said "Grant, you need to handle this one" and walked out of the bathroom- still laughing.

I listened outside the door while Grant explained wastefulness and proper respect for household goods to our one year old.. a speech I have given her myself several times over different things. Like when she is throwing blueberries on the floor or dragging clean laundry across the grass. But something about that little nugget sitting in a pile of toilet paper was just too much... and I am still laughing.

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