Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Adult Evening

Last night we had an impromptu dinner party with some friends and I happened to have all the ingredients for shrimp pad thai on hand... have never made before and usually don't trial Food and Wine recipes on other people (Grant can handle my culinary experiments) but they are cool folks and so I went ahead.

It was a perfect evening- the boys sat on the back porch with the babes while Kim and I worked on dinner, then all four of us put the finishing touches on the table, garnishing the pad thai and choosing the right beer. Today I keep thinking about how life changes... two years ago any dinner guests would have stayed until the alcohol was gone and the sun had long since set. We would probably have eaten some variation of pasta or ordered pizza and maybe watched whatever Netflix we had lying around. Last night they took off at 7 so we could put the babes to bed, I discovered I had duck sauce in my pantry and appropriate food on hand for a 7 month old and a 13 month old.

Growing up isn't so bad. We chatted about raising children, theology and some blog that Grant and Mark both read that had a particularly divisive post yesterday. And I realized that somewhere in the past 5 years, we grew up. We have a home we can open to guests, a child we are responsible for (and one on the way) and a marriage that is seasoned enough not to be rocked with every small problem. And though I can look back on our evenings with too much beer and not enough intellectual conversations with very fond memories, I like our grown up life.

And the pad thai was amazing.

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