Monday, April 18, 2011

Pieces... pieces.. so many pieces

Pursy's birthday party on Saturday was fantastic- 7 of her little friends showed up (i.e. Mommy and Daddy's friends who happen to have children) and chaos reigned. The kids ran around the house, spilled grape juice on their clothes and played in the inflatable pool Pursy got from her grandparents. It was great.

As birthday parties are wont to do, our toy collection was tripled by the end of the gift opening bonanza. I didn't notice it at the time, because everything sparkly and new comes wrapped in cellophane and held together with tape. It really looked like we only got a dozen or so toys.

Then this morning, I am walking through the kitchen to start my very unfulfilling cup of morning decaf coffee and I notice that everywhere I look there are PIECES. Puzzle pieces, magnet pieces, small stuffed animal pieces.. Overnight every toy crumbled into a thousand small parts and my house now looks like a Lilliputian toy land.

I don't want to sound ungrateful- our friends are wicked cool and bought her the best interactive, stimulating and learning-oriented toys ever. Maybe because she is too little or maybe because they knew I would have a stroke, but she didn't get any dolls with lots of clothing changes or princess themed makeup/tiara combos. The theme seemed to be more farm animals and cool stuff to use outside. The toys are great. But why do they all need to fall apart into so many little pieces?? And why does the small space between the bottom of the fridge and the kitchen floor need to be just the right size for all the pieces to fit under??


  1. You're such a great mom to even attempt the 1 year old birthday party! Props to you friend! You are braver than I...:)

  2. I did the Bday party but... not a lot of kids. We just did family and most of his cousins are late teens... kinda sad for him but then again, he didn't know! :) He was just happy everyone was there! It's a lot of work.
    And yes, WHY do all toys seem to fit so nicely under bookcases, couches, ovens, refridgerators... grrr!

  3. For Pursy's second birthday I am thinking Legos Deluxe and 1,000 piece puzzles...